I am a teen book critic who specializes in YA literature, occasionally dabbling in more adult books (’cause I’m a big girl now. *snaps suspenders*). My favorite genres are fantasy, adventure, romance, and historical fiction.

I am the perfect example of what happens when you take a teenage girl and force her to read so many books, her mind explodes.

Not that my mind has exploded yet…And not that I’ve been forced to read. Cause, you know, I do that to myself.

Wow. Why did I even bring that example up.

Anyways! Reading and writing is my passion, so I thought, “Why not? I’ll go make a book critique blog! La-la-la-loop-da-doo.”

The result is this: The Sleepy Critic. Where one sleep-deprived female writes her own wacky opinions about books for the greater benefit of the world. What a good Samaritan.

On a actually serious note, I do hope that my reviews are as fun to read as they are to write them. I depend on book reviews all the time, and by making this blog, maybe I can actually give back in a way that makes people laugh and just…feel good. I try to make my reviews as honest as possible, which is sometimes good and sometimes painfully, scathingly, bone-shatteringly agonizing.

Sorry for impressing that image into your mind. He he.

Beware: Reading this blog may result in spontaneous brain cell combustion, severe drop in IQ, and equally severe trauma. Proceed at your own discretion.


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